Heritage Commission Reviews Applications for Annual Report

The Londonderry Heritage/Historic District Commission discussed the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources Annual Report during its last meeting, held at Town Hall on Sept. 26.
The annual report is required to be filed by each Certified Local Government (GLC) and cover Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2019, from Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019. This year’s report is due by the end of this month, Oct. 31.
According to the report, since Oct. 1, 2018 to the time the report was filled, prior to the commission meeting, seven meetings were held and during these meetings, the commission reviewed 26 applications, in addition to other community projects. All applications were approved, with three still pending.

On the November 2018 meeting there were two site plans, two subdivision plans and one condominium conversion. In January, three site plans were discussed, as well as two subdivision plans. Two months later, one subdivision plan was presented, as well as two site plans and a certificate of approval for a historic property. In May, the commission had nine applications, more than any other meeting in the recent year, including five site plans, a conditional use permit, a lot line adjustment, a certificate of approval for a historic property and a section 106 review. In June, the commission only continued a hearing for a certificate of approval and on the July meeting; there was a site plan, a condominium conversion and a subdivision plan.
In response to a section asking the commission to “briefly describe preservation activities that the CLG sponsored or directed in FFY 2019”, the answer on the report was “the commission has been actively working on the redevelopment of the Kent Allen Forest and participated in the 300th Nutfield celebration.”
In response to a request to “briefly describe any problems – practical, political, or financial – encountered by the CLG in planning or implementing its activities during FFY 2019”, the report stated the “financial constraints seems to be the limiting factor for most of the Commission’s activities and/or projects.” And when asked to “describe any projected activities/objectives for FFY 2020”, the answer was “the Commission hopes to provide the Town with a list of historic properties.”
Other than that, the rest of the report included the Heritage/Historic Commission Rules of Procedure, as well as a brief presentation of the commission’s members.