Heritage Commission Reviews BobCat of New Hampshire Plan

By Alex Malm

During the Nov. 18 Heritage Commission meeting the Commission had a formal review of a site plan amendment to allow BobCat of NH to operate at 2 Rebel Rd., 345 Derry Rd., and 307 Nashua Rd.

Jason Hill, who was representing the owners at the meeting explained that they met with the Planning Board and conditional approval for the improvements. One of the conditions that they have to meet is to receive feedback from the Heritage Commission. He also noted that they received a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustments to have equipment on display.

Hill explained that the property was previously used as a site contractors shop.
He also explained that two of the properties 2 Rebel Rd., and 345 Derry Rd., are located in Derry and 307 Nashua Rd., is located in Londonderry.

He said that the Londonderry property will be used for new equipment sales and leasing and they will also have a body shop component to it.

Hill pointed out that the majority of the property is located in Hudson, with less than an acre of it located in Londonderry.

“We’re pretty close to getting approval there,” Hill said about Hudson.

The site next to it which is located in Hudson will be used for used equipment rentals and a repair shop. He said that they are proposing to connect the two properties with a two way shared drive.
For lighting Hill said that they are proposing new lighting on Nashua Rd. He said that they are proposing to have the lights full tilt while the business is open and then it will be dimmer at night.

He said that they are reasonable commercial lights for the area.

It was asked by the Commission whether or not the current construction sign is going to be taken down or not.

Hill said that it would be replaced by an equal or smaller square footage sign. He said that they have to apply for a sign permit.

“It would be a compliant sign within the zoning ordinance,” Hill said.

Hill also explained that the new equipment displayed would be further back from the road than it is now and there would also be shrubbery around it.

“It will look cleaner,” Hill said.

Heritage Commission VIce Chairman Arthur Rugg asked how much equipment would be on display.

It was explained by Hill that it would depend on how much equipment they have for inventory.

“It depends what the supply chain looks like,” Hill said.

He said it’s like a car dealership where they want to display as much as possible for people driving by.

One question that was asked was if they decide to make any changes to the exterior of the building in the future if the owners would agree to bring it to the Commission for their consideration.

Hill said that they would agree to that.

One of the comments that the Commission had is that they return to the Commission with a completed sign plan for them to review. They said that they were satisfied with the landscaping plans that were submitted. For lighting they were told that all unnecessary lighting needs to be turned off after hours, except for the lighting that is for security purposes.