High School Equestrian Team Wraps Up Long Year

The LHS team members are: Standing left to right: Hannah Muller, Peighton Tapley, Coach Gino Guaraldi, Natalia BarNoy, Brooke Secor, Kneeling left to right: Rory McGuirk, Katharine Welch, Carson Collins, Jessica Stewart, Coach Heather Evans, Andrew Macpherson, Luke Veneri, River Kassin, Summer Brow, Not pictured: Corah Daigle

The Londonderry High School Equestrian Team Club is an LHS club organization under the guidance of school advisor, Rebecca Mitchell.
This year’s team consisted of 11 members from Londonderry High School and two Spirit members from Londonderry Middle School during the 2021-22 school year.
The LHS club held
biweekly meetings throughout the year, with mounted and in-hand practices at local barns from February through May.
The team’s coaches this year were Gino Guaraldi, the owner of Just in Time Farm in Londonderry and Heather Evans, the owner of Follow Your Dreams Farm in Derry.
The Londonderry team participates in the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Teams organization, which held three team-meets at the Tack Shack in Fremont.
This year, there were 15 high schools participating in the events and 118 students from all over New Hampshire competing in 44 classes of In Hand, Walk/Trot/ Jog and Walk/Trot/Canter/Lope Divisions.
Each team accumulate points toward state rankings over the course of the season. Additionally, each student accumulates individual points, which are then used to qualify for a State Championship Meet.
The LHS team accumulated an impressive number of high placings during the season, including 12 championship blue ribbons, 18 second place reserve championship ribbons, 23 thirds, 13 fourths, five fifths, and seven sixth place ribbons.
Classes at times had as many as 33 participating riders and all twelve of the participating Londonderry team students qualified to participate in the State Championship Meet in one or more of their classes.
The Lancer team ended the season ranking ninth overall in the state.
For additional information about the LHS Equestrian Team Club, contact Rebecca Mitchell at rmitchell@londonderry.org.

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