High School Looking for Hall of Fame Candidates

By Chris Paul

Although the Londonderry High School Hall of Fame induction ceremonies haven’t taken place in a few years, due to the pandemic restrictions, the committee is looking to get back to work and needs the communities help in finding new nominations.
The Hall of Fame committee had just got back up-and-running before the pandemic hit and caused a stall in the nomination process.
Now the school is looking to reignite the process and have an induction ceremony in the fall, during Mack Plaque.
Londonderry High School Assistant Principal Crystal Rich is leading the effort to find graduates that are deserving of recognition for their efforts.
The mission of the group is to recognize outstanding individuals that have attended or have been involved with and made exceptional contributions to Londonderry High School community.
The Hall of Fame ceremony was revived in 2016 after a 20-year absents, and about 47 graduates were inducted in the hall from 2016 to 2019, but the COVID-19 Pandemic caused another pause in the school’s effort over the two years.
The LHS Hall of Fame was started by the school’s first principal, Ed Thibodeau, with inductions occurring from 1986 to 1996 before the process fell dormant in the wake of Thibodeau’s retirement.
Recent Hall of Fame inductee and LHS assistant principal Katie Sullivan is hoping to get the ball rolling again, “We’re at that point again where we’re just asking that all our Lancer friends, family and community members to get their nominations in so we can start the process again now that we can.”
When asked how many inductions the committee is looking for Crystal Rich said they’re hoping to get a good sized class in and reminds folks that this is not just for sports-related achievements, “There’s a misconception that this is a “sports” hall of fame, which it’s absolutely not, it’s a Londonderry community hall of fame.”
Rich added that there are three categories for nominations. The three groups are: Students; Staff Members; and Community members that have graduated from LHS.
The only restriction for nominees is that candidates need to have graduated five years prior to their induction, according to Rich.
Rich added, “Really, it’s about celebrating our community, and recognizing all the wonderful things that happen here.”
Athletic Director Howard Sobolov noted that, “Ideally, we’re looking for people done things and have stayed connected to the high school.”
He added, Ryan Griffin is a good example of who would be a good candidate, “He only spent a year here, but since he left the high school, he’s stayed connected to the school by helping out and has given back.”
Committee members added, “It’s not just about your talent, it’s what you do with it after you’ve graduated.”
Some notable graduates that were inducted over the recent past were: Zach Bencal; Dana Boyle; Sherry Farrell; Jerry Gulezian; Kim Lindley-Soucy; Stephen Tallo; Matthew Young;
Chuck Zappala; Jim Elefante; Bob Stuart; Amity Ferraro Small; Heather Tuden Lennon; Ryan Griffin; Nathan Greenberg; Jason Parent; Crystal Rich-Faculty; Wayne MacDougall; Mike Beeman; Stefanie Murphy; Arthur Tsetsilas; Suzanne Johnson; Paul Dutton; Michelle Hart-Miller; Kevin Smith and Katie Sullivan.
The committee is looking to decide on their newest inductees in July, so if residents would like to nominate someone they should do so soon.
Once nominations are received, they will be brought forth to the Hall of Fame Committee and the nomination will be discussed and appropriate references will be contacted.
The Selection Committee includes: An Advisor to the Athletic Leadership Council; a minimum of one administrator from Londonderry High School; a minimum of one community member; two current Londonderry High School students; two Athletic Leadership Council Members; and one Londonderry High School Alumni.
Any questions about the process can be directed to Crystal Rich at: crich@londonderry.org
Applications can be found at lhs.londonderry.org under the “Information” tab. From there click on “LHS Hall of Fame” in the pull-down menu.

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