High School Robotics Team Ranked #2 in New England

The Londonderry High School Robotics team, Team 1058, the PVC Pirates, recently competed in the Granite State District Competition, going 11-1 in qualifications and ranking #1 overall out of 35 teams. During the playoffs, the team went undefeated, setting a new high score for New England and nearly breaking the world record.
Unfortunately due to a power issue the Pirates and their robot, the Black Pearl, lost by just a few points.
In addition to their #1 rank, the team also took home the “Autonomous Award” after outscoring every other team match after match in pre-programmed autonomous periods where robots operate without any human input.
This weekend marks the fourth consecutive growth year for LHS Robotics. After focusing on improving the program and quality of robots, the Black Pearl suffered only a few minor issues, making it one of the most reliable and durable robots on the field. The team has been focusing on robust design, manufacturing and software this season and it’s starting to pay off!
The Londonderry program utilizes an end-to-end hands on approach, where students are not only exposed to, but working closely with professional engineers to ideate, prototype, design, manufacture, assemble and test. Students Design in Onshape, manufacture parts in Fusion360 on a CNC Router & Mill, and develop software in Java.
After last weekend’s performance, LHS is ranked #2 in New England, and 18th of over 3,500 teams worldwide, and is poised to take home another win again on March 15 in Rhode Island.
The team operates out of Londonderry High School, sponsored by Londonderry STEM, SL Chasse Steel, Fleet Read Corp, IBM Weather, FIRST, and Dysfunctional Training.
The PVC Pirates would like to thank their continued support from sponsors and the Londonderry School District to make this season a success. For more information or sponsorship information, please reach out to mentors@ team1058.com.

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