High Winds and Rain Result in Power Loss on Monday

Eversource reported that they had more than 14,000 New Hampshire residents without power due to thunderstorms that rolled through the state during the afternoon of July 18.   

Thunder, lightning and high winds roared across the state hitting some towns harder than others with Derry, Londonderry and Plaistow having trees and wires brought down.

On the other hand some towns were entirely missed by the strong storm.

As of Tuesday, July 19, Derry and Londonderry residents had their service restored while some Plaistow area residents and businesses didn’t anticipate having power back before the end of the day Tuesday, more than 24-hours after the storm hit.

Eversource Communications representative Kaitlyn Woods said that in Londonderry there were a total of 803 outages, and in Derry 1,282 outages.

While there wasn’t the damage seen in Plaistow there were many residents and businesses who lost power as the storm swept through the area in the mid-afternoon Monday.

Most of the outages in the Londonderry/Derry areas were the result of wind with trees and or branches bringing lines down, according to Eversource. There was one instance in Derry where a tree broke a pole resulting in outages.

Eversource reported that there more than 12,000 without power across the state initially due to the storm. Woods indicated that Eversource reported that the Derry area took a harder hit than Londonderry. As a result, she reported that some of the Eversource crews were re-directed from Londonderry to help restore Derry outages.

At around 4:30 p.m. in Londonderry, a tree on Bartley Hill Road fell on wires and knocked out around 257 customers whose service was restored by about 10:12 p.m. that evening. Another Londonderry area, Otterson Road, was hit with a tree limb on power lines knocking out 77 customers at about 6:40 p.m.  Their power was restored by approximately 8:45 p.m.

Residents and businesses without power could do little but wait for Eversource crews to restore power and in most cases power was restored quickly.

By early Monday evening,  Eversource reported that many of its customers were still without power in the Derry/Londonderry area but restoration was expected and accomplished overnight. Eversource reported that the last Londonderry outages were restored at about 2:48 a.m. and Derry was back on line before dawn.

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