Historical Walk Through Musquash Conservation Area

On Saturday, April 21 at 1 p.m. the Londonderry Historical Society will be taking a walk at the Musquash conservation area. The Musquash was originally owned by Massachusetts and was later granted to Nashua, which was originally named “Dunstable” at the time. It went through multiple owners until it was finally owned by Londonderry. It went through multiple owners until it was finally established as a conservation area by Londonderry in 1979. The conservation area was established to help preserve wildlife habitats and create recreational opportunities. The space offers pleasant multiple recreational activities, including historical walks.

The Historical Society will be accompanied by David J. Ellis, a Musquash historian. They will be visiting certain spots where families once lived and will be learning the history behind it all. Ellis will be giving detailed background information on the families that lived there and their historical importance to the town. The area they will be visiting are known as cellar holes, or areas in which a house once was. Other individuals are welcome to join the group on their historical venture.

David J. Ellis is the author of Cellar Holes, Roads and Features in the Musquash, which discusses the historical and social significance of the Musquash area. He has been continuing his research in the Musquash area and is now coming together with the Londonderry Historical Society for a fun, education experience.

The group will meet at the Musquash Hickory Hill Trail Head at 14 Hickory Hill Drive for the family friendly, historical and educational walk. The event is completely free and there is accessible parking at the location. The walk will take about two hours, and anyone is welcome to join, including children. Strollers however, are not recommended as the trails can be a bit rough for them. It is a fairly easy walk with breaks at “The Landing”. Hiking boots are recommended. Snacks will also be provided. The rain date is Sunday April 22.

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