Holiday Greetings

As the holidays get closer and closer, we’re all treated to outdoor Christmas decorations brightening the night on most streets, with gaily lit trees adding a festive touch to public spaces, and warm, friendly holiday music playing from every other car on the road. The weather even seems to be cooperative (for the time being), offering a light covering of snow to better set the scene for a Norman Rockwell, New England Christmas.

Now is a great time to bake an extra batch of cookies, or get together a few hand-written holiday cards and send them along to neighbors and co-workers. It may seem like a small gesture, but you’ll never know whose holiday you’ll make in the process.

In the past few decades, it feels like we have been led to believe that the amount we love our family and friends is reflected only on the amount of money we are able to spend on them, through fancy gifts and extravagant dinners. In our hearts, we know that Christmas and Hanukkah are not holidays based on greed and gluttony, despite what large commercial companies would want us to think. Rather, it being an opportunity for families and friends to reunite, these holidays carry the message of a miracle. It’s true that both involve gift-giving, a little thinking outside of the gift-box goes a long way – and it doesn’t have to break bank.

Money, after all, is not what the holidays were meant to be about, rather, good will towards our fellow human. In our case at Nutfield Publishing, it is through the good will of all the businesses you see advertised in the paper you hold in your hands that we are able to keep you informed with this and every publication.

We report on the good, the bad, and the in-between, bringing you up to speed on what’s happening in town. The owners, and all the staff all live locally and are all personally impacted by the ups and downs of life in this unique state.

Our newspapers exist thanks to the help of advertising, and we encourage our readers finishing up their last-minute gift purchases to shop locally this holiday season, and to take advantage of what our towns have to offer. If you find what you need from one of our advertisers, please let them know we sent you!

With the holidays fast approaching, we don’t doubt that you readers have been busy. Between holiday activities, school fundraisers, collecting warm clothes and toys to help out the needy in our midst, requests from community groups selling Christmas trees and wreaths and email holiday party invites and suggestions for gift giving, it can be hard to remember to take a breath. We appreciate you for taking the time to catch up on your local news!

We wish each one of our readers a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a very Happy New Year. Thanks for reading!

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