It’s All in These Pages

Want to know where to register for youth league soccer? Curious what festivals are coming up? Wondering what the planning board did about the development down the road? Interested in how your local tax dollars are being spent? How about whether the local teams won their games last weekend?

All that and more can be found inside your free weekly newspaper, the one you’re holding in your hands right now.

Nutfield Publishing – which publishes the newspaper you are reading one, now – takes pride in offering the single most comprehensive, accurate and by-partisan source for community news and events in its five towns. And our readers say they appreciate that we deliver the most important local information to their homes every week.

That doesn’t even touch the advertising side – where to buy groceries, where to find a plumber or a landscaper or a lawyer – it’s all in these pages.

If you’re looking for up-to-the minute information about the latest national crisis, we suggest you check out the Internet or turn on the TV. But if you want to know what’s happening In your back yard, the town where you live, our reporters and advertising have been busy all week making sure you have that information literally in your hands.

A newspaper is the voice of its community, the heart of its towns, and its importance was not lost to the writers of the Bill of Rights, when they made certain that Freedom of the Press was part of the foundation of the United States, “We The People”.

But as with any other institution, a newspaper can only survive when those support it serves through advertising and donating to keep it going and fighting for you.

We know it’s easy to take something free for granted. But if you didn’t hear about the special meeting, the large apartments coming or the new cell tower proposal or the Girl Scout sign-up night, chances are you didn’t look inside our newspapers. If you want to know what’s happening, we’re your source. If you want to advertise your services to as many local residents as possible, you don’t need to look anywhere else. When you find those services and that information you were seeking, let them know you saw it in our newspaper.

And if you think your favorite hair salon or restaurant should advertise, let them know about how much you enjoy getting it every week and that it is done by your business. The more advertisers that run in the paper, the more pages we have to give you more stories and photos about your town, your kids, and friends.

We’re locally owned, locally operated, locally based community newspapers. Together, we can continue to keep the tradition recognized by our founding fathers alive.

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