Kendall Pond Conservation Area Very Active for Police

In this week’s police log it was noted that the Londonderry Police Department (LPD) had responded to the Kendall Pond Conservation area over twenty times throughout the week.

When asked why the sudden major influx of responses, Officer Detective Christopher Olson said that the LPD was doing “routine checks on the area because of complaints” from neighbors and locals who have noticed an increase in vandalism and illegal dumping.

Conservation Committee Chairwoman Marge Badois remarked that “the residents had previously said people have been throwing trash” away in the area. They have also been tearing down signs posted at the kiosk. “We don’t know if it’s kids… who it is,” she said.

So far, the only major vandalism found at Kendall Pond has been spray painting on the signs, according to Olson.

The Kendall Pond Conservation area has a curfew posted at the site. Badois said the hours were not on the town website, but it’s usually until just after sunset. “We don’t want people parking their cars and staying all night.”

As long as the LPD keeps receiving complaints, officers will be responding to them.

“It’s supposed to be a family area,” Badois said, “we don’t want it getting trashed.”

The Kendall Pond area vanalism issue has been brought a number of times at Conservation Commission meetings and data is currently being processed to figure out the next steps to deal with the issue.

If you see suspicious activity, please call the Londonderry Police dispatch at (603) 432-1118.

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