Kent Allen Gets Back To Work in His Forest

Photo Caption: Kent Allen has been busy in his efforts to clean much the debris left by fall and winter storms in the town forest. Photo by Chris Paul

Kent Allen has been tirelessly cleaning the debris in the Town Forest left from the wind storm that hit the area back in October of last year.

Despite his age of 78, and his battles with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Allen has been piling up brush and clearing fallen pine and ash trees during February and now again this month.

He and his wife Meredith have begun efforts to beautify the forest with flowering trees and bushes along some of the many pathways Kent has created near the Town Common.

Meredeth Allen, she is working to put together a volunteer organization to further enhance the forest: “Let’s Beautify our Forest”.

Anyone who is interested in helping in the couple efforts may contact Kent or Meredith Allen at (603) 432-8570 for more information on their plans.

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