Kindergarten Study Committee Approved by the School Board

By Alex Malm

During the April 19 Londonderry School Board meeting one of the agenda items discussed was forming a Kindergarten Study Committee, which the Board voted in favor of.
One of the main tasks was to decide on what the mission of the Committee would be.
“The committee will be responsible for gathering community feedback, staff feedback and parent feedback within the context of feasibility to ultimately return to the board with a recommendation in regard to moving forward with a full day kindergarten plan or not backed by full day versus half day research,” the charge of the Committee reads. “In the event of a full day recommendation the committee should research and present to the board the anticipated additional needs to support this.”
It was decided that the Committee would include a chair and co-chair from the district office, two board members, up to three community members, the kindergarten principal and member of the kindergarten staff and a representative from the facilities committee.
It was also decided that the Committee would meet at least once every two weeks and would provide progress updates to the School Board.
For the two School Board appointments it was decided that Kevin Gray and Amanda Butcher would serve on it.
Those interested in joining the Committee should email Assistant Superintendent Dan Black at
The other Committee that was discussed was the Communications Committee.
School Board member Bob Slater said he wants the possibility of having a communications director that works out of the district office and can handle the communication between different departments, schools and getting information out in the public about projects and events.
He said that they could also help as a grant writer.
Depending on how much they could help secure in grant funds the position may be able to pay for itself.
Slater said that it could also be someone to help get information out to different groups as well.
“I would like to see it start the next school year,” said Slater.
“I completely agree with that,” said Gray.
School Board Chair Amy Finamore said she wasn’t sure if it is something they should do outside of budget season but thought it was a good idea.
“I really do like the overall idea,” said Finamore.
In other news the School Board voted in favor of accepting a grant from the USDA.
Business Administrator Peter Curro said they apply for different grants each year for the food service but they usually don’t get them because of their ratio for students that receive free and reduced lunches. He said that usually the districts with the higher amounts get the grants.
“Dining Services is happy to report that we applied for and have been awarded the USDA 2021 NSLP Equipment grant for the North school refrigerator in the amount of $10,107.66. We ask the board to accept these funds which will pay approximately 25% of the equipment cost for the new fridge/freezer unit,” Curro wrote in a memo ahead of the School Board meeting. “The completion of this project will allow our elementary location to hold and store a direct grocery delivery from our distributor. This lessens the burden on our warehouse to deliver that product daily and allows for the North School manager to have what they need directly on hand for the week.”
The next Londonderry School Board meeting is slated for May 10 at 7 p.m.

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