LAFA Officials Commemorate Mark Bondra with Bench

By Chris Paul

Members of the Londonderry Athletic Field Association (LAFA) paid tribute to a beloved member of the organization, Mark Bondra, with a ceremony, dedicating a bench in his name.
Bondra tragically lost his life nearly one-year ago during a vacation in the lakes region and left behind family members, friends and business associates to morn his loss.
On Saturday, June 17, a large group gathered under the Pavilion at the LAFA Complex for a remembrance and bench dedication to honor Bondra, who served as the LAFA secretary.
LAFA Treasurer, Rob Galan, led the ceremony, and spoke briefly on his friendship with Bondra.
He began by saying that Bondra went out of his way as secretary to make sure those who couldn’t afford to pay for the baseball and softball league, were able to still participate through his financial help with behind-the-scenes work at LAFA.
Also speaking was Tim Dodge, a former president of LAFA, who mentioned what an honor it was to be friends with Bondra.
He said the bench would always live at LAFA to remember Mark’s dedication to the LAFA organization.
Mark’s wife, Kelly, and children, Hailey, Jayden and Kayla also attended the event.

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