LHS Junior Plays it Forward with Sporting Equipment

By Chris Paul

A junior at Londonderry High School is currently in his second year of collecting slightly used sporting equipment for a fundraiser he started last year called the “Play It Forward Sports Equipment Drive.”
Nicholas Hamel began his collection last year and is continuing his effort with another sporting goods collection this year.
According to Hamel, “As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized as the years go by, the pricing for sports equipment only seems to increase dramatically each year. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a financially stable family that has been able to provide me with equipment for sports (specifically baseball), letting me play the game I love most in my free time.
“I also noticed not every family has the luxury of being able to afford new equipment every few years. That’s why last year I started the Play It Forward Sports Equipment Drive, where we collected lightly used sports equipment from those in town who no longer are using it, and donated it all to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry.
Hamel started this project in 2020, the fall of his sophomore year and began working towards the end goal of a drive in May 2021. I started the drive completely by myself with the help of my family and Londonderry High School Assistant Principal Katie Sullivan.
The drive will take place in the parking lot at Town Hall and the Police Department on May 21, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Donating was fairly simple last year as it was done completely drop-off style. Those wishing to donate were requested to give lightly used sports equipment, and any sport was valid. Hamel felt that spring was a really great for items, as families looking to clean out the garage/ shed would much rather prefer to donate their old equipment than toss it.
All items donated are 100 percent donated to local nonprofit organizations, last years items were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry. This year Hamel is exploring his options of expanding to the YMCA of Londonderry or Manchester, and hopefully it can expand to across New England in the coming years.
While last year Hamel only collected sports equipment, he’s looking to make an even bigger impact this year. In order to do so, Hamel has reached out to the Red Sox Foundation and got in contact with one of their reps, where we discussed possibilities of them sending up some goods to raffle off in a basket. Being able to attach the Red Sox Foundation name and logo is huge for us!
He is also planning on collected baskets/items from local businesses along with it, and raffling them off at the drive. With the money collected from raffle tickets, we will pay for children’s sports fees that are in need, like the $100 Londonderry Basketball Club fee or a LAFA REC Baseball/Softball registration fee.

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