LHS Technology Education Department Looking to Update Courses

LHS is looking to rename a few of their courses to better fit their description of the class. The technology education department looks to rename “Video Production Lab” to “Advance Video Production”. The reason for this change is to clarify for students taking Basic Video Production classes that there is an option for a more advanced course to help further their skills. The course description would also feature a change to clarify the skills students will be using while in Advance Video Production. This course will be used to expand upon the skills students have learned in the Basic Video Production course. Students will learn the use of multiple cameras, professional video editing software, special effects, animated graphics, and how to create their own video soundtracks. This course will challenge students to grow in their understanding of video production to produce high quality video productions. Advance Video Production is a hands-on project based learning environment that will require students to work both independently and in group settings. The prerequisite for this course will be Basic Video Production and written permission from the student’s basic video instructor.

The technology education department is also looking to change the title of “Television Production” to “Digital Media Production”. This course is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the digital media field. Students will create, shoot, and edit their own digital creations. This class will also feature skills such as script writing, storyboarding, sound recording, and problem solving. Students will also be producing studio television shows at the Londonderry Access Center. Projects will include short films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. By the end of the course, students will design and develop an online portfolio to show their skills and projects the course has taught them. Career and college opportunities will be explored as well.

Another course title change proposed to the school board is “Advance Television Production” to “Advance Digital Media Production”. This course is a follow-up to Digital Media Production, where students will advance skills learned in the prerequisite course. Students will continue to produce in-studio television programs at the Londonderry Access Center and learn the utilization of mobile technology for multimedia production. Organizational and career related skills will also be explored in this course. Skills include networking, marketing, promotion, and effective social media will be introduced to students. Students will work with outside clients and learn how to communicate appropriately and effectively. The prerequisite for this course will be Digital Media Production.

Finally, the technology education department is looking to rename “Radio Broadcasting Production” to “Audio Production and Podcasting”. This course is designed for students who have an interest in careers related to audio recording, sound design, and podcast creation. Students will learn to properly record and edit audio files along with researching and revising content for scripts. Technical skills will also be explored in this course for podcast production that may include music programs, entertainment reviews, commentary, sports talk, discussion of current events, and public service announcements. Finished projects by the students may air on LEO 103 or the Lancer Spirit online. The proposal for these changes is to better represent the curriculum taught by the technology education department and increase student interest to maximize the use of equipment and resources available.

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