Liberty Utilities Gets Site Changes

Liberty Utilities, which took over the former Blue Seal Feeds headquarters building on Buttrick Road, asked for permission of the Planning Board to make three changes, and was successful in its request.

“The first phase is complete, which is making the parking lot parallel to Buttrick Road to the north, and they are getting ready to commence the second phase of the site work out there and there’s three changes that they are proposing,” said Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering John Trottier.
Liberty Utilities wants to eliminate a parking lot island in the southwest corner of the lot to accommodate any plowing during the winter months, and proposes moving that island to the south. The second change is to eliminate a garage that had been proposed, and to replace it with two parking spaces. Third, the utility seeks the elimination of a landscaped island, with the landscaping moved to another location.
Trottier said the original plan called for having an emergency generator located with the landscaping, but the company wants to move it to a different, northerly location, behind landscaping.
Trottier said staff supported the requests and asked that the matter be “handled administratively.”
The board agreed by consensus that the matter be handled administratively.

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