Lions Club Renews Lease at Old Town Hall Until 2019

The Lions Hall on Mammoth Road, which is owned by the town and leased to the Lions Club for $1 a year, has a new floor and a new lease.

After the town found the floor unsafe, the old floor was torn up and repaired at the town’s expense. Now the Lions are back in the building once again.

The town leases the property still known as “Town Hall” to the Lions Club together with the furnishings, fixtures and equipment. The lease states the town is not liable for any defect in the property.

The original lease, which was signed in 1972, was for 10 years. It was then extended for periods of five years. The new lease goes until 2019.

The lease states that the Lions Club, at its own expense must make all necessary repairs and replacement to the pipes, heating system, plumbing system, window glass, fixtures, and all other appliances and appurtenances, all equipment used in connection and with the lease property, and the sidewalks, curbs, and vaults. “All repairs and replacements shall be in quality and class at least equal to the original work,” it states.

The lease also states the club would not be required to furnish any service to the leased property, including but not limited to heat, water, and power. The club is to pay for all utility costs.

The lease carries a termination clause of 90 days prior to April 1 of the year of termination.

The total cost of the floor replacement, according to Town of Londonderry Administrative Support Coordinator Steve Cotton, was $49,652 for the construction and materials and $2,531.30 for engineering costs, for a total of $52,183.30.

Cotton said the Lions Club had come to the town after the building was closed by Building Inspector Richard Canuel and said that they didn’t have the money to repair the floor. He said Town Manager Kevin Smith along with the Town Council agreed to cover the cost, as it is a town building.

The Council approved spending money from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund for work on the floor at its April 7 meeting, after the work on the floor had started.

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