LMS Students Back Home from Washington, D.C.

Londonderry Middle School Principal Richard Zacchilli told the School Board that the students who went on the 16th annual Washington, D.C. trip during April vacation were very well behaved.

He said 327 students made the trip, and he said they had a great time.

“I think for us it’s how kids behaved in certain areas and parts of the nation’s capital, and they were absolutely outstanding,” he said. “At the hotel they were outstanding, and we made comments to them throughout the trip that they were just wonderful.”

The group laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“We do this every five or six years,” he said. “Four of our students – Bethany Costello, Jen Peterson, Cassidy Conte and Abigail Whitcombe – were all dressed up and did a great job at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. For 45 minutes, 300 of our eighth graders were in silence, which was incredible, but it was a very solemn occasion and they handled it very well.”

Zacchilli said a bus broke down on the way to Philadelphia.

“Because we travel in teams of two because of the nurse situation, both buses 3 and 4 did not arrive in Philadelphia until it was dinner time. The kids were great, the parents were aware, we Twittered it out that it wasn’t an accident, the bus just broke down. Another bus came and got them and drove them into Philly, and they had a great time the rest of the week,” he said.

Zacchilli thanked the board for allowing them to attend the trip and said that they were already looking forward to next year.

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