Local Grange Collects Boots, Hand-Knitted Mittens and Hats

The Londonderry Grange is collecting hand- knitted mittens and hats and winter boots for children in need as part of the New Hampshire State Grange’s annual Mountain Of Mittens and Galoshes from Grangers projects.

The projects are ongoing and need is expected to increase as the colder months approach.

“That’s our focus now as we rehabilitate the building is to do more community service,” said Cherylann Pierce, who learned about the Grange when her son was a Boy Scout – the Grange charters his troop. “Next year we’re thinking we would like to donate dictionaries to children in town.”

Membership at the Grange, which is located on Mammoth Road in the Town’s historic district, has grown from just five members three years ago to more than 30 active members, according to Pierce.

In addition to the winter weather clothing and boot drive, the Grange is collecting gift certificates for teens as part of the State Grange’s Santa Remembers Teens at Christmas project. The organization has partnered with Operation Santa Claus and Toys for Tots to distribute the gift cards around the state where need is greatest. The organization will make an effort to send the same amount of gift cards donated back to each participating community, according to State Grange Family Director Debbie Patten.

At the statewide convention for New Hampshire Granges, Patten said 35 pairs of boots, 185 pairs of mittens, and 93 handmade hats were distributed to schools and Boys and Girls Clubs in eight communities around the state.

Pierce said anyone interested in donating hand-knit or new mittens and hats, winter boots, or gift cards for teens may bring them to the Grange on Tuesday evenings, at which time the Boy Scouts meet at the hall.

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