Local Resident Accused Of Attempted Poisoning of Couple

Londonderry resident Wayne Hasnohorse, 48, was arrested after a couple came to the Londonderry Police Department lobby and said he had threatened them.

He was arrested Wednesday evening, July 30.

“The couple came into the lobby because they were bothered by a comment that Mr. Hasnohorse allegedly had made to them regarding killing them and that if he was going to do it, he was going to do it by poisoning,” Detective Christopher Olson said. “The next morning the female victim allegedly saw Mr. Hasnohorse near her drinking water. She didn’t confront him but she mentioned it to her husband and they opened the water and they felt like it smelled strongly of a chemical.”

Olson said that after the incident was reported to police, the police had the Londonderry Fire Department test the water.

“We had the fire department do a field test of it to see if there was anything suspicious and according to them there was an unknown chemical compound in the water. The water has been sent to the lab for further testing,” Olson said.

Olson said the water in question was a gallon jug of drinking water.

“We had gained information that he was trying to buy a bus ticket to leave the state. I believe his prior residence is somewhere out in the Midwest. We wanted to act quickly,” Olson said.

Olson said the overall circumstances of the comment, the shaking of the water jug and the chemical in the water and the attempt to leave the state all led to the arrest.

“He has no bail. He refused the services of a bail commissioner and was held in jail,” Olson said. “If you decline the services of a bail commissioner, you are held and not given bail. He was also arrested on a Fugitive of Justice charge because he had a felony extraditable warrant from Rhode Island for failure to appear at a sentencing hearing for a burglary.”

Olson said that Hasnohorse is still in jail and is due back in Derry 10th Circuit Court on Aug. 7.

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