Londonderry Elementary Students Compete on LHS Track

A healthy level of competitiveness and track and field skills were on display Wednesday, June 8 when students from Matthew Thornton Elementary and the North and South elementary schools took part in the fifth annual Londonderry Elementary Track and Field Meet at Londonderry High.

South physical education teacher Scott Lohnes once again served as the director of the event, which had hundreds of local youngsters exhibiting their considerable running, jumping, and throwing talents.

The top five finishers in the 50-meter dash were Jake Perron (time of 7.40 seconds), Kiera Battenwich (7.49), Alexa Viola (7.52), Nathan Kearney (7.60), and Ashley Doucette (7.66).

Three students tied for first in the 100-meter dash, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Abladian, Andrew Kullman, and Andrew Soucy (all at 15.1), with Meghan Daileanes and Margaret Edwards tying for fourth (15.2) by finishing right on the heels of the three victors.

In the 200 dash, Amanda Fawcett wound up being tops with her time of 31.6, with the second through fifth spots being occupied by Michael Crowley (31.9), Nathan Pedrick (32.2), Anthony Amaro (33.6), and Olivia Troncellito (33.8).

The 400-meter dash winner ended up being Brandon Robbins with his superb time of 1 minute and 12.8 seconds. Jordan Furlong and Quinton Delorey tied for second (1:14.6), Jack Drabick snagged fourth (1:13.8), and Sam Thibodeau ended up fifth (1:16.4).

The competition in the softball throw was impressive, with Michael Crowley rifling the ball 136 feet and 3 inches to win that event. Sergio Cabeza finished second (133’2″), Nathan Kearney bagged third (132’3″), Connor Fennell claimed fourth (130’1″), and Anthony Troncellito collected fifth place (128’4″).

And in turbo javelin action, Sarah Abladian finished first (63’11”) with Nathan Pedrick (63’4″), Andrew Soucy (6’2″), Cam Brutus (60’8″), and Conor William (55’3″) notching the second through fifth positions.

There were also 4×100-meter relay races, but those results were not available.


Mike Crowley of North School rifles a softball to win the event.

IMG_2391 Emily Ouelette of Matthew Thornton takes on the long jump..


Amanda Fawcett of Matthew Thornton won the 200 dash.


A determined Quinton Delorey ran the last leg of the 4×100 relay. Photos by Chris Paul

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