Londonderry Firefighters Gain Invaluable Training

The Londonderry Fire Department held a series of invaluable training exercises last week during a controlled burn on the corner of Young Road and Nashua Road. The training was made possible through the house being donated by the DHB Homes, the company currently building over 20 homes on the property at 22 Young Road.

The house needed a number of upgrades before the training could take place, and with the help of the local firefighter union and L&W Supply company new drywall was installed and asbestos was remediated in order to bring the home up to national requirements.
According to Battalion Fire Chief Jeff Anderson “With the number of firefighter retiring recently, this training for new crews is invaluable.”
He added, “The training exercises were able to give new members of the department training on fire attack, search and rescue, ventilation, back-up teams and all the tasks they would do in a real fire.”
There were a number of vendors at the demonstration to see their products used in a “real fire” situation. FLIR, a thermal imaging camera company; Nightstick, a professional flashlight company donated some of their newest lights; and Londonderry Police was there testing their drones.
After a series of fire evolutions took place throughout the day, fire trucks were moved out of the way and the house was set ablaze.

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