Londonderry Middle School Holds Annual Spelling Bee

By Chris Paul

The Londonderry Middle School held its annual Spelling Bee on Friday, Jan. 27 with 18 students from three grades qualifying and 17 competing for the opportunity to represent Londonderry in the state event.

Seventh grade student, Madison DeLorenzo, was the winner of the LMS Bee with Dimpy Patel, also seventh grade, running a close second place.
The Spelling Bee went 18-rounds with the final two remaining after the tenth round.
Other participants were: Sixth grade; Christian Kvetkosky, Sam Roy, Alisha Marini, Faith Cunningham, Emma Karvielis, and Gabriella Craigie. Seventh; Maddie Lyon, Owen Ferreirra, Anna Laufersweiler, and Allison Harrington. Eighth; Josh Wheeler, Ryan Josef, Haley Hook, Lily Tessier, and Derek Allen. Lylah Chaffee qualified, but was absent.
DeLorenzo will move onto the online semi-final regional bee qualifier that will take place before Feb. 6.
There will be 20-25 students moving onto the live New Hampshire Regional Final Bee taking place on March 25 at 10 a.m. in Concord at the N.H. Stage.

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