Londonderry Police Officers, Employees Honored

Town Manager Kevin Smith said incidents like the one that took the life of Brentwood Police Officer Stephen Arkell give the public an idea of how dangerous the job of police officer is.

At an awards ceremony held last week for Londonderry police officers, Smith said he expressed “sincere gratitude and appreciation for the men and women who wear the uniform for the town of Londonderry, (and) to the families as well for the sacrifices you make.”

Officer Randy Duguay was named Officer of the Year. According to Capt. Gerald Dussault, Duguay is “consistent, dependable and reliable. He’s everything we want in a patrol officer.”

Captain Robert Michaud recognized Building Maintenance Supervisor Michael Simpson as Civilian of the Year for the work that Simpson does around the station. “I was dumbfounded when I realized all the things he does around here. He knows this building like the back of his hand. He never complains, he never refuses work. I’m lucky to know him,” Michaud said.

Sgt. Glenn Aprile explained the Critical Incident Management Team. The team consists of Officer Thomas Olsen, Officer Narciso Garcia, Officer Raphael Ribeiro and Dispatcher Amelia McKeever.

Aprile said that over the course of his career he has seen some horrific incidents and deaths, and a peer-based Critical Incident Management Team can help officers and their families with stress-filled incidents to cope and to know that there is someone to help and to talk to.

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of peer support,” Aprile said.

Sgt. David Carver, Officer Daniel Perry, and Officer Andre Uy were recognized with Commendations for Lifesaving.

Master of Ceremonies Detective Chris Olson said that on Dec. 6, 2013, Carver, Perry and Uy responded to a call of an unresponsive male. “Officer Perry was there within seconds and immediately began life saving efforts,” he recalled. “Officer Uy and Carver responded and assisted Perry until paramedics could get there.”

Olson said that the man died several days later but because of the actions of the officers, family members were able to say goodbye.

Olson said Sgt. Adam Dyer, Officer Thomas Olsen, Det. Sean Doyle and Det. Daniel Hurley III were called to a home for a possibly suicidal person.

He said police discovered the electricity was off to the building, and several attempts were made to contact the person. The officers entered the building and conducted a search, and eventually found the victim unconscious under some cardboard in the basement. They were able to bring the man to safety.

“Without their efforts, this man would not have survived the night,” Olson said.

For their efforts, the officers received the Life Saving With Valor commendation.

Gumshoe of the Year was presented by Lt. Timothy Jones to Det. Sean Doyle, who said Doyle was a tenacious bulldog.

“This is a detective that’s been determined and consistent with all of his cases, even on ones with very few leads,” Jones said.

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