Londonderry Police Works with Postal Service in Drug Arrest

On Friday, Nov. 22, the Londonderry Police Department, in conjunction with the United States Postal Inspection Service, arrested Kyle Pedrick, 21, of Londonderry on suspicion of the following charges: Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs; Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs With Intent to Distribute; Manufacture of Controlled Drugs and Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs.

The arrest was made after Pedrick took custody of a package that was delivered to his house that contained approximately two pounds of suspected marijuana.
“The United States Postal Service contacted us and told us of the suspicious content of the package and when the package was delivered to the address, Mr. Pedrick came out to get it and that’s when we arrested him,” Londonderry Detective Chris Olson said.
According to Olson, a subsequent search warrant of the residence resulted in the seizure of firearms and over $19,000 in cash. Also seized from the residence was suspected Butane Honey Oil as well as items that were suspected to be used in the manufacturing of the Butane Honey Oil.
According to Olson, butane is used to extract the THC or high producing chemical from marijuana and when it is extracted, it looks like honey.
“We believe that this is not an isolated occurrence. The guns were found in his room and we believe that they are his weapons,” Olson said.
Pedrick was held on $20,000 cash and was set to be arraigned Nov. 10 at Derry District Court.