Londonderry Seeks Candidates for Assistant Town Manager Post

Londonderry is looking to hire an Assistant Town Manager and Director of Personnel.

Town Manager Kevin Smith confirmed this week that the town is advertising the position.

“This was a position a few years ago,” he said in a phone interview. “It was a title held by the person who was also the Finance Director.” That person was Susan Hickey.

Whether the revived position is full or part time depends on the candidates and their experience, Smith said, adding, “It is fluid.”

The successful candidate will back up Smith in his work of managing the town, “in administrative functions and daily operation,” he said. In addition, the new staff member will direct the Human Resources department.

Smith said Londonderry currently has a Human Resources Manager, who upon the hiring of the new person will concentrate on the benefits end of personnel.

“The Council is looking at reorganizing the department structure,” Smith said. “There will be two positions, a Benefits Administrator and a Director of Personnel.”

The town is looking to pay a salary in the range of $75,000 to $90,000, according to Smith.

The money is not in the FY 17 budget but will be fully budgeted in FY 2018, he said.

“In order to hire someone for the rest of this year, we will move things around a little in the current budget,” Smith said.

After the resumes are in, he and the Town Council will review them, Smith said. An appointee will need approval by the Council, he said.

Smith said the timeline is also fluid. “It would be great to have someone in place by October,” he said, adding, “But there’s no time limit. We’ll make a decision when we find the right candidate.”

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