Londonderry Seniors To Meet Temporarily at Lions Hall

Senior Affairs Director Catherine Blash told the Town Council that while construction work is taking place to repair and replace the roof on the Senior Center, the seniors will be meeting at the Lions Hall on Mammoth Road.
That is expected to last about five weeks.

“We are looking at closing Nov. 25 and re-opening on Jan. 2,” Blash said. “I think that gives them leeway in case the weather is bad along the way. I have secured the Lions Hall and will have as many programs as I can down there, four days out of the week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A lot of them don’t have family and that is their family – getting together with all the other seniors – so we’re going to just keep things rolling.”
Town Manager Kevin Smith said the Lions offered the building at a discounted price and Chairman John Farrell said that they should indeed, as it was the former Town Hall, and the Lions lease it from the town.

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