Londonderry Swim Team Kicks Off Season with Small Starter

By Chris Paul

The Londonderry High School Swim team hosted the first meet of the season on Friday night, Dec. 9, at the Workout Club and Wellness Center in Londonderry.
This was a rather small meet, with swim team numbers down this year and facing some smaller schools to begin the winter season.
For the boy’s team, LHS beat the Conant Orieles Swim Team 45-18; Belmont High School 46-6; and Timberlane Regional High school 39-25.
For the girl’s team, LHS beat Campbell High School 5-12; Pembroke Academy 48-12 and Mascenic Regional High School 52-10. They lost to Timberlane and Conant Orieles.
200-Yard Freestyle: Lexi Apholz, was first with a time of 2:21.78 and Caden Thomas finished in fourth with a time of 2:48.14.
50-Yard Freestyle: Leah Mary Doherty had a seventh place finish (42.12); Leah Margaret Doherty took ninth (44.43); and Mia Rosario finish 10th (54.08).
100-Yard Butterfly: Apholz had a time of 1:11.40 finishing second.
100-Yard Freestyle: Maddie Jordan was eighth (1:42.73); Faith Nolan was ninth (1:44.82) and Leah Margaret Doherty,was tenth (1:48.62).
200-Yard Freestyle Relay: The team of Caden, Leah Margaret Doherty, Nolan and Apholz took third with a time of 2:29.04.
100-Yard Backstroke: Thomas was fourth with her time of 1:28.01.
200-Yard Freestyle: Kayden Raadmae had a time of 3:04.89 for first.
50-Yard Freestyle: Braeden Raduazzo finished in fourth (35.02).
100-Yard Freestyle: Raadmae was third at 1:15.44 and Raduazzo finished fifth (1:22.57).
500-Yard Freestyle: Jimmy Cooper finished with a time of 6:49.70 for first.
100-Yard Backstroke: Sam Munsey was second with his time of 1:21.49.
100-Yard Breaststroke: Cooper had a time of 1:33.00 for first
400-Yard Freestyle Relay: the team of Raduazzo, Raadmae, Munsey and Cooper, had a time of 5:02.88 for first.

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