Londonderry Swimmers Compete in Second Meet of the Season

The Londonderry High School Girls’ and Boys’ Swim teams competed against five other team schools last week hosting the team’s second meet of the season on Friday, Dec. 15.
In the 200-Yard Medley Relay, the Lancers team of Helena Smart, Ari Fennessey, Mia Robinson, and Lexi Thibodeau had the second best time of 2:26.43.
In the 200-Yard Freestyle, Mia Robinson finished with the best time of the night, at 2:15.79.
In the 50-Yard Freestyle, Leah Doherty finished in sixth with a time of 36.40.
In the 100-Yard Butterfly, Helena Smart took second with a time of 1:08.69.
In the 100-Yard Freestyle, Ari Fennessey finished with the sixth best time at 1:23.48 and Lexi Thibodeau was seventh at 1:29.31.
In the 500-Yard Freestyle, Londonderry’s Mia Robinson had the best time of 6:04.78.
In the 200-Yard Freestyle Relay, the team of Doherty, Fennessey, Robinson, and Smart took second at 2:11.08.
In the 100-Yard Backstroke, Fennessey finished at fourth with her time of 1:29.81.
In the 100-Yard Breaststroke, Smart had a time of 1:23.82 for second.
In the 200-Yard Medley Relay, the team Kayden Raadmae Theo Paccione, Sam Munsey, and Jayden Howard had the top spot at 2:22.04.
In the 200-Yard Freestyle, Chase Von Pichl finished in second, at 2:34.34.
In the 100-Yard Butterfly, Von Pichl had the top finish at 1:31.63.
In the 100-Yard Freestyle, Braeden Raduazzo took fourth at 1:11.10 and Theo Paccione was fifth at 1:13.65.
In the 500-Yard Freestyle, Jayden Howard finished first at 6:53.13.
In the 200-Yard Freestyle Relay, the team of Raduazzo, Munsey, Von Pichl, and Raadmae were first at 1:59.50.
In the 100-Yard Backstroke, Raadmae finished second, at 1:19.62.
In the 100 Yard Breaststroke, Munsey finished third, at 1:26.5.

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