Londonderry Town Meeting Results 2015

Registered Voters – 16,500 with 3,073 voting or 18.6 percent

Londonderry Town Results
March 10, 2015 Election

Town Council(one seat)
Jim Butler, 2,252 (WINNER)

Town Clerk(one seat)
Sherry Farrell, 2,190 (WINNER)

Budget Committee (one seat – 3 year term)
Gary Vermillion, 2139 (WINNER)
Anthony Piemonte, 611 (WINNER)

Budget Committee (one seat – 2 year term)
James Hooley, 2,112 (WINNER)

Leach Library Trustee (two seats)
Carol Introne, 2,024 (WINNER)
Betsy McKinney, 2,059 (WINNER)

Article 2: Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund, to raise $100,000 for the Maintenance Trust Fund to support repairs and maintenance to town facilities
Yes 2,559 PASSED
No 430

Article 3: Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget, to raise and appropriate $28.5 million for the Town’s operating expenses for FY2016
Yes 2,029 PASSED
No 917

Article 4: Fund Special Revenue Account, to raise and appropriate $491,523 from the Police Outside Detail Fund to cover Police Outside Details.
Yes 2,324 PASSED
No 634

Article 5: Raise and Appropriate $2.6 million to fund the Sewer Fund.

Yes 2,370 PASSED
No 563

Article 6: Raise and Appropriate $50,000 for Fire Department equipment.
Yes 2650 PASSED
No 344

Article 7: Raise and Appropriate $500,000 for the Town’s Roadway Maintenance Trust Fund and to authorize the use of $250,000 of the June 30 Fund Balance towards the appropriation
Yes 2248 PASSED
No 716

Article 8: Raise and Appropriate $120,000 to update and rewrite the Zoning Ordinance
Yes 2210 PASSED
No 706

Article 9: To establish and fund with an appropriation of $28,000 a New GIS Capital Reserve Fund
Yes 2,242 PASSED
No 683

Article 10: To appropriate $295,000 to the Capital Reserve Funds to expand cemeteries, and to replace highway heavy equipment, fire equipment and highway trucks.
Yes 2,491 PASSED
No 470

Article 11: To raise and appropriate $105,000 to hire one or more additional full- or part-time police officers to fulfill the functions of school resource officer
Yes 1,696 PASSED
No 1,284

Article 12: To discontinue the Ambulance Capital Reserve Fund.
Yes 2,439 PASSED
No 490

Article 13: To authorize the Conservation Commission to purchase a 26-acre easement on Kimball Road
Yes 2,153 PASSED
No 780

Article 14: Citizen’s petition to hire four additional firefighters
Yes 1,866 PASSED
No 1078

Article 15: Authorization for special meeting on cost items
Yes 2,112 PASSED
No 735

Article 16: Authorization for special meeting on cost items
Yes 2,070 PASSED
No 760

Article 17: Authorization for special meeting on cost items
Yes 2,063 PASSED
No 754

Article 18: Authorization for special meeting on cost items
Yes 2,063 PASSED
No 755

Article 19 Authorization for special meeting on cost items
Yes 2,058 PASSED
No 761

Londonderry School District Results

School Board(two seats)
Leitha Reilly, 1,945 (WINNER)
Steve Young, 2,131 (WINNER)

Article 2: General Fund Operating Budget – Raise and appropriate $67,764,153 as an operating budget for the 2015-2016 school year
Yes 2,285 PASSED
No 635

Article 3: Londonderry Education Association (LEA) Bargaining Agreement
Yes 2,011 PASSED
No 956

Article 4: Londonderry Association of Allied Health Professionals (LAAHP) Bargaining Agreement
Yes 2,056 PASSED
No 867

Article 5: Authorization for Special Meeting on cost items
Yes 2,055 PASSED
No 828

Article 6: School Lunch Program and Federal Fund Projects
Yes 2,526 PASSED
No 421

Article 7: Special Article (School Buildings Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund)
Yes 2,071 PASSED
No 861

Article 8: Special Article–Equipment Capital Reserve Fund
Yes 2,257 PASSED
No 675

Article 9: Auditorium Architectural and Engineering Costs, raise and appropriate $500,000
Yes 1264
No 1791 FAILED

Article 10: Co-curricular and athletic stipends
Yes 2,214 PASSED
No 803

Article 11: Citizen’s petition on busing
Yes 923
No 1966 FAILED

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