Londonderry’s Grange #44 Turning 110 Years Old

Londonderry’s Grange #44 is a local 501 (C) organization dedicated to providing and promoting agricultural and environmental well-being within the community.

The building is located at 260 Mammoth Road, Londonderry. The land and building are owned by The Grange. It is agriculturally based and people from the community can meet together at the hall. “It is a good place to meet, have community suppers, have baby showers, receptions, etc.”, said Cherylann Pierce. She is the Chairperson for Community Service and the Chaplin. “Our Grange Master is Bill Perry.

Pierce is a dedicated advocate for the Grange. The organization originally relied on a barter system. This meant that members would come to exchange resources whether it was lumber, squash, apples, and other non-monetary items.

Of course, interest in fellowship and community as well integrity are paramount. To become a member of the Grange simply requires filling out an application and paying dues. The organization generously is open to everybody in the community. Grange members meet every second Monday of the month for about an hour and a half at seven o’clock that evening. “Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you are just interested in finding out what it is like or are interested in joining” she said.

Fundraising events are also organized to help maintain the structure of the historical building. The roof needs a lot of work due to tree branches allowing less access to the sun. There is moss build up and ice damming causing damage to the hall, in addition to some issues within the bones of the Hall as well. The Grange needs a lot of work done to it, but with fundraisers and help from the community, the historical building can be kept up with. “We want the hall to be in great shape for the town’s three hundredth anniversary next year.” said Pierce.

The organization has been tremendously grateful of every single donation that has ever been given. Each one helps the Grange a long way, and with more fundraising and community service, the historical building will reach its finest potential. “In the past, about five to seven years they raised $20,000 to re-shingle the building. Some of those who bought a shingle, even wrote their name on their shingle”.

The Grange has also been chartering Boy Scout troop 521 for about twenty years. The troop buys the oil for the building and has been the site for many Eagle Scout projects, keeping up with its history and importance.

These include, renovating the kitchen, window replacements, bathroom renovations, water restoration, and rebuilding the railings on front porch and around the porch itself, and others.

The hall also hosts different events throughout the year. This upcoming October for example, the National Syrup Producers will be coming to the hall, giving New Hampshire their first opportunity to host the event.

Currently, there are 30 or so dues paying members including a dozen core members who are on hand for all its programs. They are always looking for more.

For those interested in assisting in the restoration of the Grange Hall, feel free to donate and give some support to the town’s history. Contact Cherylann Pierce at 603-437-5413. Also, feel free to check out the Londonderry Grange #44 Facebook page.

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