Londonderry’s Traffic Safety Stressed By Route 102 Project

Londonderry’s Traffic Safety Committee met earlier this month to discuss town safety concern issues and solutions. The committee holds quarterly meetings in January, April, July and October on the first Monday of those months, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall.  

This month, New Hampshire State Senator Sharon Carson, of Londonderry, attended the meeting to discuss the impact that the N.H. Department of Transportation/Route 102 project was having on the Town.

The Traffic Safety Committee addresses concerns called out by Town citizens per submission. Specifically, the committee addresses problems that local citizen’s bring to them including road signage additions and traffic flow problems. 

At this meeting, the Traffic Safety Committee, led by Chairman, Robert Ramsay, discussed current traffic issues that have been brought before them by committee members, town officials and the public. 

Committee members, that were present included Public Works Director (DPW), Janusz Czyzowski, Assistant Public Works Director, John Trottier, Police Chief, William Hart, Police Captain Kim Bernard, Fire Chief, Darren O’Brien, Town Manager, Kevin Smith, Member-At-Large, Don Turcotte, and Town Councilor, James Butler. 

Five other Londonderry residents including Deb Paul, Lynne and Jeff DiCicco as well as Christy and Michael Dreidenbach also attended the meeting.

The committee first addressed work in progress business; DPW Director Czyzowski advised the committee that the intersection at Rt. 128 and 28 by Smith Lane has been analyzed for traffic safety concerns and that this intersection is now all set.

Over on High Range Road, resident Amy Finamore had reported traffic problems to the committee last October. Specifically, she was concerned for her children’s safety because of speeding vehicle traffic. Another problem occurred, as she needed to cross street to get her mail. The committee suggested having her mailbox moved to her side of the road and an agreement to do that was reported by the Chair.

DPW Director, Czyzowski advised the committee that an issue on Fairway is now all set as a “sharp curve” warning sign was set up. This sign was supported instead of a deer sign to address concerns made by resident Sandra Powers at the October safety meeting.

Over near Shady and Hillcrest Lanes, Police Captain Bernard advised, “Patrols and radar units had been directed to study traffic concerns after problems were reported about consistent speeding and cut thru traffic. The units found no significant issues and an average speeds were determined to be 36 mph.”

A homeowner left a message to the committee advising of a parking situation on Harvey Road where emergency vehicles are at times unable to get through. Chairman Ramsay said, “I will call the homeowner and invite them to next Traffic Safety meeting on April 6, 2020.”

Captain Bernard advised the committee, “The Police department will set up directed patrols and radar to an area at Parmenter Road.” He reported a homeowner had  reported “too many speeding cars on the road and that the road is being used as a cut through.”

The committee had a discussion regarding problems at the 4-way intersection at High Range, Litchfield, Harvey and Hall Road. Czyzowski advised the committee that no improvements will be made to this intersection at this point as the congestion issue occurs during very specific times of the day. The area will continue to be monitored. 

A homeowner had previously submitted concerns of speeding traffic at Old Mammoth Rd., but that homeowner could not be present for the meeting. The committee tabled this issue to the next meeting and Captain Bernard advised that directed patrols were being conducted in the area and so far had not found there to be significant speeding issues. The Police Department will continue to monitor the area. 

Local homeowners were present to discuss a speeding issue on High Range Road where it connects to Wiley Hill Road. Discussion and pictures were shown to the committee that revealed tire marks that had been made on the neighborhood lawns. DPW Director Czyzowski advised that he would extend the guardrail in that area to proactively prevent such problems. In addition he said, “Warning signs could be posted indicating an intersection ahead and suggested speed of 25 mph.” Police Chief Hart advised that social media outlets would serve communications and notices to the public advising them about this speeding issue on High Range Rd. 

Homeowner Deb Paul advised about problems of ‘Big Rig’ trucks that are cutting through the area on Stonehenge and Hardy Roads. Captain Bernard advised that directed patrols would be assigned to the area and this issue was tabled to the next meeting as per a motion by Police Chief Hart that was seconded by Captain Bernard 

State Senator Carson advised the committee about calls she is receiving regarding the speeding issues throughout the town that have resulted from the Route 102 development. She noted such roads as High Range, Stonehenge, Gilcreast and Hall Roads were being called out saying, “The town’s people want things done.”

Members discussed the fact that the Route l02 development was having significant impact with traffic though this project is handled by State Department of Transportation (DOT). With the growth of the town, traffic issues are becoming more prominent.

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