LPD Officers Promoted and Welcomed During Ceremony

By Chris Paul

Just before Christmas, the Londonderry Police Department held a Promotional Ceremony, on Monday, Dec. 19, where the town welcomed five new officers and promoted and recognized several others.
Londonderry Police Chief, Kim Bernard, and Lieutenant, Jason Teufel, co-presented during the promotional ceremony and began by welcoming family members, friends, and co-workers for gathering to recognize and support the officers being honored that evening. They also thanked the town leadership for being in attendance, notably Town Manager, Michael Malaguti, Assistant Town Manager, Kelly Caron, and Town Councilors, John Farrell, Joe Green, Jim Butler, Deb Paul, and Chad Franz.

Samantha Savini, Ryan Wobrock, Brendan Hurley, Frank Civitello, and Michgor Scarlett were sworn in as new Londonderry Police Officers on Monday, Dec. 19. Photo by Chris Paul

The evening began with Chief Bernard being sworn in by former Chief, William Hart. His badge was officially pinned by his fiancé, Aaron Seavey.
Following that, the department’s five new officers were sworn in. Samantha Savini, Ryan Wobrock, Brendan Hurley, Frank Civitello, and Michgor Scarlett were introduced.
Savini was raised in Londonderry and graduated from Londonderry High School and comes home with a year and half of experience with the Hampton Police Department.
Wobrock was also raised in Londonderry and graduated from LHS. Ryan played soccer, ran track, and comes to LPD with five years of law enforcement experience, starting in Connecticut and then from the Bedford Police Department. He is married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have two sons, Bennet and Graham.
Hurley grew up in Bridgewater, Mass. and has over two-years of experience, starting with the Department of the Navy and then the Bedford Police Department. Brendan is married to his wife, Chelsea, and they are expecting a baby boy in February.
Civitello was born and raised in West Haven Conn., with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is currently finishing his Masters degree. Frank is married to his wife, Megan.
Scarlett was born in Jamaica, later moved to Indianapolis, and now lives locally. He earned his bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology and minored in Justice Studies.
After the new officers were sworn in, officers Tyler McDonald and Zachary Castiglione were recognized for their distinguished performance at the Full-Time Police Academy, where they graduated from the 190th Class on Nov. 19.
The department then recognized five officers for their Special Assignments. Officers James Defelice, Tyler McDonald and Nathan Slack were selected as LPD’s newest Field Training Officers. They have what is one of the most important assignments an officer can have as they will mold and shape the future officers of the department. Congratulations to these gentlemen.
Detective, Marvin Alfaro, and Officer, Tyler MacDonald, were selected recently to be a part of the regional SWAT team known as the Southern New Hampshire Special Operations Unit. The team is responsible for assisting 14 local communities during crisis situations and special pre-planned events. They will be attending a two-week SWAT school in the coming months and will undergo continuous monthly training that they will also share with our officers in their roles on the department training unit.
For the department’s promotions, a number of officers stepped up in rank. Jason Archambault and Marvin Alfaro moved up to detectives. Sergeant Archambault was selected out of a group of other interested patrol sergeants to become our next Detective Sergeant in charge of supervisor to the detective unit.
Detective Alfaro passed the competitive detectives process earlier this year to make a list of five eligible candidates and was promoted to sergeant.
The newest Sergeants were then introduced. Sergeant, Andrew Phillips, and Sergeant, Ryan MacLean, stepped forward with their family members.
Phillips was recently promoted out of the detective unit as our Juvenile Detective and MacLean was our department’s training coordinator, which is a full-time position.
Keith Lee and Garrett Malloy were then promoted to Lieutenant at the ceremony. Lieutenant Lee was formerly a Services Sergeant, who oversaw evidence, building maintenance, community events, and hiring/ recruiting and Lieutenant Malloy was formerly our Technical Services Sergeant, who oversaw dispatch, IT, field training program, selection processes, and is also a professional photographer who takes all the department’s photos.
Deputy Chief, Jason Breen, was recently promoted to the rank of Captain in the Uniformed Operations Division, also known as patrol, following his role as the Detective Lieutenant. And just last week, Captain Breen, who has served the community for 22-years, was given special designation by Chief Bernard to be LPD’s next Deputy Chief of Police. Deputy Chief Breen will remain in Uniformed Operations Division and serve as the officer in charge during the Chief’s absence.

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