Moose Hill Kindergarten Expansion Project Finishes

With Londonderry’s ever growing population, space needs for the School District have been a rising issue. There have even been whispers between Town Council and School Board that a new elementary school may need to be built in the future due to the increase of students and families coming to Londonderry. Moose Hill Preschool and Kindergarten specifically, has been on the list for improvements to help ease the need for much needed space for students. Recently, the district installed new modular classrooms to help with this problem. These classrooms are also known as portable classrooms that work as a type of portable building. They are being installed at Moose Hill to help ease the space needs and provide additional classroom space.

Business Manager for the School District, Peter Curro, was able to answer various questions about the new project regarding cost, completion, and how the project was paid for. Planning for the project began during the summer of 2017 and actual work for the installation, delivery, code inspections, and utilities began in late April of 2018.  According to Curro, “The total cost of the project is approximately $200,000 over two years. This amount, however, does not include the first year heat, electricity, or other normal operating costs. The current FY19 operating budget included an appropriation of $165,000 that covered the annual lease ($40,000), delivery and setup ($30,000), and the cost for the additional work ($95,000). The additional work refers to the site work and slab, enclosed connector hallway, fire sprinklers, fire alarm system, intrusion alarm, electrical transformer upgrade, water and sewage connections, and classroom equipment. The FY20 budget will have the second year lease cost of $40,000 plus utilities.” And, “The district has a two-year lease contract with an option to extend the lease”.

The modular classrooms will be ready for day one of this year according to Curro. The Buildings and Grounds crew have been hard at work for a significant part of the summer on this project; to get it ready for the upcoming school year. Although finishing the work is still in progress; the teachers assigned to the modular classrooms have also been working hard to get the rooms ready for opening day. The funds for this project were raised and appropriated through the approved School District operating budget. Curro also answered questions regarding whether this will be a temporary solution to the space needs of Moose Hill.

“The School District has assembled a group to analyze and develop a comprehensive facility plan based on all the information we currently have. The committee will focus on the educational and functional capacity the School District will need the next several years. The intent at this point is to keep the modular classrooms until the School District has voter approval for a more permanent plan addressing the enrollment/space issues and recommendations from the committee.” The new modular classrooms will be ready for students in less than a week when Moose Hill and the rest of the School District open its doors to begin the 2018-2019 school year. Friday, Aug. 24 is Orientation at Moose Hill. Hours: Morning Kindergarten: 8:45  – 11:20 a.m. Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:30 – 3:05 p.m. Morning LEEP: 8:45 a.m. – 11 a.m. Afternoon LEEP: 12 – 2:30 p.m. The first full day of school for the entire district is Monday, Aug. 27.

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