Musher and Her Dogs Meet Students at Matthew Thornton

Students at Matthew Thornton Elementary School were recently visited by Lara Renner, a musher and Siberian Husky trainer, that has competed in the Jr. Iditarod as well as a number of other races. Renner, whose race team is called “Snowspeeder,” explained her experiences with her dogs, the Iditarod, and competing in the Junior Iditarod with second- and fourth-grade students. Renner had seven of her 13 dogs with her at the school and explained she would need more if she were to race in Alaska’s Iditarod. She’s been in about 50 races so far in her career, with the longest being 150-miles. She told students she trains with her dad all year long. Students asked questions like: When do you sleep during a race?; How do you keep the dogs healthy?; What do you carry with you during a race?; and How many races have you won? After the talk, students were able the pet the huskies. Photos by Chris Paul

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