Musquash Trails Inspected for Alleged Sabotage

A recent account on a local blog of fishing line strung across trails at the Musquash Conservation Area has not resulted in anyone finding such a thing.

Londonderry Trailways president Bob Saur said he spoke about it to Mike Considine, who is a member of the Londonderry Conservation Commission and the Trailways board. “The reports were indistinct with the exact location, and we haven’t gotten an exact location where they found it,” Saur said. “They haven’t been able to talk directly to the person who reported it. Obviously this is a serious issue, but we don’t know if it was first hand or second hand information.

“We’ve inspected all the trails that are out there and we haven’t found anything,” he said. “Mike actually rode all the trails during the past few days.”

Saur said that the report is troubling.

“We’d like to get the information or if anyone has seen anything, they should report it,” he said. “I think it’s a crime and they should report it to the police or at least to Town Hall so we can go look at where it was and try to understand what might be going on there. We haven’t been able to find anything at all.”

Saur said it had been quiet out on the trails for the past several weeks because it had been muddy. Lately, the use of the area has picked up quite a bit but they haven’t heard anything.

Saur said they are taking the allegation seriously and are monitoring the Musquash.

The Londonderry Times was notified of the report on Aug. 15. The email stated: “Some jerk is stretching fishing line across the trails in the Musquash conservation area. Someone thought it was hunters looking for deer…. The line is just about neck height…The person said the line was stretched tight between two trees.”

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