New Fireworks Ordinance Will Be Proposed by the Town

The Town Council discussed a new fireworks ordinance that would require any person lighting fireworks in the town to obtain a free permit.

The new ordinance addresses the difficulty the Town has had enforcing its fireworks regulations, which “really operates on an honor system,” according to Town Manager Kevin Smith, who collaborated with the Fire and Police Departments to develop the proposed fireworks ordinance.

According to the town’s regulations as they stand, residents must obtain a $50 permit for lighting over $500 worth of fireworks.

Although residents will need to obtain a permit every time they dispense fireworks under the new ordinance, the permit will be free of charge.

Smith said requiring permits for all fireworks displays will allow the Town to monitor the frequency of fireworks use and to better regulate their use.

A permit will not be required for fireworks displays on July 4th, or on the three days preceding and following the national holiday to avoid an influx of requests for permits that week.

Permits will be limited to 12 per calendar year.

Police Chief William Hart also recommended safety regulations, such as ‘fireworks should be lit no closer than 75 ft. away from a combustible source,’ be included in the new ordinance to allow for their enforcement.

The Council plans to include a “first read” of the proposed ordinance on the agenda for their next meeting.

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