New Gas Station Gets Conditional Use Permit From Planning Board

By Chris Paul

One of the agenda items during the May 4 Londonderry Planning Board meeting was a public hearing for an application for a conditional use permit to allow a 6,000 square foot convenience store with drive through, and gas station with 16 fueling stations and three diesel fueling stations.
The property for the project is 174 Rockingham Road and 178 Rockingham Road.
It was explained previously by Jeff Kevan from TF Moran who was representing the owners that the proposal is to merge the two lots back into one. The lot would then be a 3.5 acre lot. He explained that the owners have a new tenant called New Sunset Realty who will be operating the convenience store.
He said that they thought it made sense to eliminate the bank and instead add diesel pumps.
Mauri Pollock, an attorney who was representing the owners said that the site can be designed in a manner that complies with the use in the ordinance.
He said that they have done things to work out the site layout for pedestrian and vehicle flow.
He said that they will have more details about lighting, signage, and landscaping when it is time to submit a full site plan. During the meeting they were only seeking conditional approval for the use.
“All the things that go into a full blown site plan package,” said Pollock.
Kevan said that they did an updated traffic study. He said that they will have a restriction for no left turns out of the parking lot.
Planning Board member Ann Chiampa said that she was still concerned about the traffic.
“Hopefully that can be worked out in the future,” said Chiampa.
Ex-Officio Deb Paul said that they are in the process of updating their groundwater ordinances and asked if it would be possible to incorporate it into their plan.
“I would really hope you would consider updating that,” said Paul.
Kevan said that they would consider it.
Another question that was asked by Paul was if they are considering putting in electric charging stations since electric vehicles are starting to become more popular and readily available.
“Its not ruled in or out at this stage,” said Pollock.
Pollock said that they also haven’t ruled out putting solar on the roof.
Planning Board member Jason Knights said he was looking forward to having something other than a gas station at the location and thought a bank at the location would’ve been good but didn’t have any objections to the use.
The Planning Board ultimately approved the conditional use permit.
The next Londonderry Planning Board meeting is slated to take place on June 1 at 7 p.m.

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