New Resolutions

As we pass through the darkest days of winter and head into the New Year, we traditionally take time to reflect on the year just ending, and resolve to do things differently in the days ahead; and there’s plenty of room to do things differently.

We’ve gone through an acrimonious but decisive election on both the national and state levels. And just before Christmas, we’ve come face to face with the horror that lurks in the minds of men. We’ve seen whole segments of the country and the world devastated by all varieties of unusual storms, riots in the streets over an election, fatal shooting of police officers and adults across this country.  It all seems very dark, but we must keep trying to find the light.  

So while there’s nothing wrong with the usual resolutions: exercise more, eat healthier foods, take more time for yourself, and  pay more attention to loved ones. We suggest a little effort in a different direction as well, which in the long run may yield more lasting results.

After the deluge of negative advertising in the recent election, we could use a strong shift of attitude. What about a resolve to compromise instead of “my way or the highway,” particularly in cases where voters turned down the “my way or the highway” side of things.

What about looking at all sides of an issue, rather than only the one that benefits one group? It’s not easy to be opened minded, but it’s worth the effort. And in politics, we don’t elect “special interest” representatives. Our officials are supposed to represent all of us. 

How about starting to talk about things too often left unsaid, such as anything to do with drugs.

And perhaps most importantly, how about listening to and working with people from all schools of thought to find ways to solve the problems that face us all – not just doing the same thing but taking a different approach for the greater good of the town and the residents in it. That means a willingness to be open to other views; we could very well learn something.

The start of a new year brings with it a chance to begin again. While it’s human nature to focus on the horror, there’s plenty of good that surrounds us. Taking that as our base, we can work together toward a bright future. May we suggest getting involved in town government, volunteering for boards, non-profits and so forth – participation that can make t true difference.

Good luck with your resolutions, and from all of us at Nutfield Publishing to all of you, our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

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