New Staff Joins Londonderry School District This Year

There will be some new faces as the Londonderry schools open their doors Monday, and they won’t all be toting backpacks.

Suzie Swenson, Human Resources Director for the Londonderry School District, and Superintendent Nathan Greenberg have released the list of certified teachers who will join the Londonderry team this fall. It has been a busy summer, Swenson said, citing several retirements last spring that made it necessary to fill positions.

The following new hires have been made:

  • Administration, Steve Secor, assistant principal, high school; Shawn Flynn, curriculum coordinator, high school, as previously reported by the Londonderry Times;
  • Londonderry High School, Jillian Hannon and Julie Hinse, Special Education; Sally Olson, foreign language; Hannah Willis, math;
  • Londonderry Middle School, Jessica Bisson and Alison Falcone, Special Education; Courtney Cheetham and Kaitlin Shaughnessy, math; Samantha Dargie, English; Darci Drylie, science; and Rachel Yakey, reading; 
  • Matthew Thornton Elementary School, Karen DeMeo, Special Curriculum; Ashley Enger, reading; and Molly Kralich, Amanda Nault and Hannah Norton, classroom teachers;
  • North Elementary School, Jennifer Hoyt and Brianna Roberts, classroom teachers;
  • South Elementary School, Jessica Gallant, Kelsey Hardy, Natasha Lupiani and Suzanne Smith, Special Education; Melanie Lantagne, classroom teacher:
  • Moose Hill Kindergarten, Kerri McCutcheon, classroom  teacher; Kelsey Tsonas, Special Education;
  • All elementary schools, Victoria Ficker, physical education;
  • District-wide, Amy Bahan and Stephanie Messina, psychologists; Christa Jeck and Josie Letendre, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages); Kerin Murray, Special Education; and
  • Allied Health, Alexandra Demos and Maria Hoffman, speech-language pathologists and Heidi Dubuque, occupational therapist.

New teacher workshops were held Aug. 23, with workshops for all faculty on Aug. 24. 25 and 26.

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