New Utilities Committee Gets Established By Town Council

By Alex Malm

During the Monday, Feb. 6, Town Council meeting, a number of community members were named to the newly formed Utilities Committee.
One of the community members who applied was Ray Breslin, a 50 year resident of the town he noted.
“I think it’s very important we look at these things that affect the cost of the taxpayers and the property owners,” said Breslin.
Breslin noted that many people are struggling with utilities like electricity and it’s important to look at it.
Town Councilor, Deb Paul, said he was a valuable member of the Energy Task Force.
“You give him a task and he follows through and he gets you all the details,” Paul said.
Breslin was selected as an alternate member.
Another member of the community that applied for a full membership position was Paul Ramsey who worked for Eversource for 43 years.
He stated he has a lot of knowledge in the regulatory process and has negotiated contracts for solar contracts, wood burning power plants, and other things.
Ramsey said he moved to town about six years ago and wanted to get involved and decided to submit his name.
Ramsey was selected as a full member.
Martha Smith, who also previously served on the Energy Task Force, said she is a retired attorney and has experience with utilities.
She was selected as a full member.
Anne Fenn, a member of the PFAS committee, said her experience includes working at the Environmental Protection Agency.
She was approved as a full member.
Jeff McGraw, who said he moved to Londonderry in July and has various experiences, including working for a year and a half as an engineer for a nuclear energy power plant.
“My background is mechanical engineering,” said McGraw.
McGraw was selected as a full member.
John Ferreira, who served on various committees over the years, including the computer committee and fields committee, said he brings an engineering background to the committee, and contracts.
“I do have an extensive background in contract negotiations,” said Ferreira.
He was selected as a full member.
State Rep. Ron Dunn, who served as a member of the Energy Task Force, also applied for a spot on the Committee.
“I put my name in because we had a really good team on the energy committee,” said Dunn.
It was noted by Town Council Chairman, John Farrell, that if Dunn was to win a seat on the Town Council, then he wouldn’t be able to serve on the committee.
Paul pointed out that when they made the Committee they originally made a liaison for a state representative.
Dunn was appointed to that position.
Farrell said he thought it made sense to have Lynn Wiles as a member of the committee since he knows how they operate after serving on a number of boards and commissions.
“They’re gonna have to elect a chair first,” said Farrell.
Paul noted that she asked to be on the Committee although her name wasn’t listed as a candidate.
She said that she could attend the meetings without being on the Committee. The Town Council ultimately decided to keep two alternate positions open for now and would make a decision regarding Paul once her term on the Town Council expires.
Wiles and Mike Speltz were also appointed to the committee.

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