No Regional Impact Found in Proposed Developments


The Londonderry Planning Board, with just enough voting members present to have a quorum, accepted the determination by the Planning and Economic Development Department concerning whether there is a regional impact to several design review plans submitted to the Department.

Town Planner Colleen Mailloux said at the Wednesday, Sept. 7 meeting that the first phase of a two-phase plan for Bradley Tree and Landscaping at 47 Rockingham Road includes a 400-square-foot office and a 1,600-square-foot warehouse on the 2.08-acre lot. No waivers were sought, and the plan has been reviewed by the Conservation Commission and the Heritage Commission. Mailloux said all the suggestions from the other boards have been addressed, including the number of parking spaces, snow storage and buffer plantings. The Planning and Economic Development Department does not see the proposed plan as meeting the requirements for posing a regional impact.

Regarding the Lorden Commons subdivision plan for phases 2, 3 and 4 at 17 Old Derry Road, Mailloux said the request for a Conditional Use Permit was complete. The Conservation Commission has reviewed the plan for the phases 2, 3.and 4 construction of 83 additional units to the 50 in phase 1, bringing total build-out to 133 units. The design proposed by Keach Nordstrom Associates reduced the wetlands impact and wetland buffer impacts and avoided some wetlands altogether, and the storm water management plan under the Alteration of Terrain Permit is designed to minimize the wetland buffer impacts and has no wetlands impact under the Conditional Use Permit. As such the Planning and Economic Development Department doesn’t consider any regional impact.

Mailloux also noted a condominium conversion application for a dwelling at 4 Sunset Drive. By converting the existing two-family dwelling to condominium status, the two units can be sold separately. No physical changes to the building, owned by Richard Grecco, are planned.

As none of the three plans reviewed met the guidelines for having a regional impact, the Planning Board voted unanimously to accept that determination by the Town Planning and Development Department.

In other business:

  • Mailloux told the board about a request to purchase a town-owned property at 68 Hall Road. The property was taken by the town by tax lien. The 1-acre site has an existing vacant dwelling.

She told the board that James Taylor wishes to buy the property. Taylor, who was present, said an abandoned trailer sits on the property now that he plans to remove. The waiting period for owners to have paid up the tax lien has expired and Taylor plans to clean up the lot and construct a single family house on the lot.

Mailloux said Taylor has been before the Conservation Commission and is now before the Planning Board seeking approval to purchase the property. The Planning and Development Department approves of the purchase, saying it would return the property to the tax rolls and there are no wetlands to speak of, so there would be no wetland impact.

Planning Board Chair Art Rugg asked if any board members had any questions or comments and seeing none, said he thinks the sale would be a positive for the town to get the property back on the tax rolls. The board unanimously approved the request.

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