Parts of Musquash To Be Closed Temporarily for Forestry Work

While the exact timing is not known yet, portions of the Musquash Conservation Area will be closed for roughly two weeks during January to allow for safe forestry work in two areas of the property. The Hickory Hill, Faucher Rd. and Alexander Rd. entrances will be closed during those weeks. The Conservation Commission suggests using the Tanager Way or Preserve Drive trailheads while the others are closed.
This work is sponsored by New Hampshire Fish & Game in cooperation with the Londonderry Conservation Commission as part of a long-term project to help create habitat for the threatened New England Cottontail rabbit.
According to Tom Brightman, Wildlife Habitat Biologist with Fish and Game, “The New England cottontail has very specific habitat needs, relying on dense, shrubby thickets for protection from predators. These habitats are often referred to as early-successional habitats, and are used by over 100 different species of wildlife including summer breeding warblers, reptiles and amphibians, ruffed grouse, American woodcock and white-tailed deer.”

The first of three phases of the project were completed several years ago in the most northern area of the Musquash typically accessed from the Faucher Road trailhead. This area has parts of the White, Blue and Ravine trails running through it.
The work on January will add two new habitat areas. One will be near the Hickory Hill trailhead entrance on Hickory Hill Drive. During the forestry work, this trailhead will be closed since trees will be felled in that area and heavy equipment trucks will be operating. A logging road will also be created, as will a 1/3 to 1/2-acre landing area where the current trailhead kiosk resides. In the future, this landing area may be converted into a parking area. The work area will be along the powerlines aside the Overlook Trail and across a wetland near Red Fern Circle.
The second habitat area will be 10 acres in the northern Musquash, not far from the area created during phase 1 of the project which covered 25 acres. This second area actually consists of three separate pockets. Two of the pockets are bordered by the power lines, the Alexander Rd. Extension and Ravine trails. The third pocket is bounded by the power lines, the Alexander Rd. Extension, Sara Beth, Betty Mack Loop and Blue trails.
The second area will be accessed by the forestry company via the Continental Paving property and then along the power lines headed toward the Musquash Swamp. The power line access would be improved as part of the project and a landing area would be created near the White Trail.
The road improvements, this landing and the landing at Hickory Hill would be paid for by Fish & Game and the town, although the town part would be paid for fully by the sale of the extracted timber. The overall cost to be split is $8,700.
Fish & Game is currently notifying abutters about the planned work including meeting with the public on Dec. 19 at the Sara Beth trailhead. Once specific dates are known, the Conservation Commission will be posting notices at the trailheads. The Commission will also post updates on its Facebook page and will make announcements on its email list. People can join the e-mail list by texting CONSERVATION to 42828 or e-mailing HYPERLINK “”

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