Plan for 264 Unit Apartment Complex at Woodmont OK’d

By Alex Malm

The Planning Board had a public hearing for a formal review of a site plan for a proposed development of a 264 dwelling unit, multi-family, residential development with associated parking and amenities, on Michels Way during the June 7 meeting.
It was explained by Marc Seck, who was representing the applicant, that they were in front of the Planning Board during the fall informally before they formally applied for a conditional use permit.
He said they met with the Heritage Commission twice and the Conservation Commission to get feedback along with working with the different town departments. He added that they have been working to address comments and concerns.
Seck explained that they would have two different building types and that every building has two entrances to come in and out of.
He said they looked at brick, but was drawn towards stone and the Heritage Commission agreed that stone was the right look.
Seck said they would have centralized mail at the clubhouse and some sort of short term parking for drop offs there.
“There’s no individual mail drop off at the building.” Seck said.
He stated that the main entrance would be adjacent to the clubhouse and they will have wayfinding signs throughout.
One suggestion made during the meeting was to have stone facades for any of the buildings people can see from the road instead of just having clapboard facades.
Planning Board alternate member, Tony DeFrancesco, said he also agreed. He said it’s like a waterfront property where you need two fronts, people driving by should see the “pretty side” and not the back of the building that’s not being used.
He said he thinks both the front and back should look the same. He also suggested they have landscaping on the backside of the property to “soften it up.”
“I think you’ve done a great job, but let’s put a bow around it and make it even a little bit better,” DeFrancesco said.
Seck said they are within the design guidelines, but would be willing to add stone to three more buildings for a total of seven.
“We’re within the design guidelines,” Seck said.
DeFrancesco said the school district doesn’t drive buses on private roads and that it hasn’t gone well for developments when it comes to private roads proposing they do so.
He suggested they contact the school district to figure out how to bus students safely, who may live in the development.
One note Seck made is that they haven’t designed the swimming pool or green area yet.
“You can expect (a) lounge type area,” Seck said.
The Planning Board ruled in favor of a conditional approval with conditions being that they add the stone to the additional three buildings and they add vegetation to the garage area.

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