Planning Board Discusses Space Expansion For Auto Shop

Some big changes for a local auto shop were the point of discussion during the Planning Board’s latest meeting at Town Hall on March 14.

The applicant, SAMPO Properties, were represented by George Chadwick, the Senior Project Manager for Bedford Design Consultants.

According to Chadwick, Enviro-Tote, Inc., a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly tote bags, were hoping to rent out fifty four hundred square feet to another company currently located within a manufacturing building on 15 Industrial Drive.

Thus, the applicants needed to seek permission from the board to change the building’s site plan from only revolving around manufacturing, storage and assembly to also include motor vehicle maintenance and repair.

The business receiving this extra space is known as Synergy Auto Labs. Founded back in 2010, Synergy specializes in performance upgrades and full custom builds for street and race cars, amongst other services.

Each mechanic has numerous certifications, including ASE Master Technician and Toyota Expert Certification.

Chadwick went on to note that the building is already in good shape, containing plentiful parking, solid paving, loading docks and so on.  However, two renovations would be necessary, including repainting of handicap spaces and eliminating two portions of pavement that are encroaching on certain properties, such as the nearby Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Upon entering discussions, the board’s Vice Chair Mary Wing Soares wondered what impact that these changes would have on local traffic.

Chadwick believed that there would actually be a reduction in traffic, as the new space would allow for overnight work on the roughly one hundred cars that Synergy services every month.

Soares was also concerned about whether or not the cars present on the lot would pose an issue, as it is illegal for more than two non-registered cars to be parked in these areas.  Jason Ashby, one of the company’s Lead Mechanics, noted that this would not be an issue, as these cars can prove to be quite expensive and they would not be left outside for safety reasons.  This would also be more manageable with the additional space.

“We aim to have a really clean appearance as far as everything goes,” Ashby noted.

Ex-Officio Tony DeFrancesco was curious about how the business handles fluid containment, but Ashby was quick to note that the proper barrels and equipment were in place to keep things clean and safe.

After a rather quick discussion, the board decided to unanimously approve the request of the applicants.

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