Planning Board Grants Lot Line Adjustment For Workplace Systems

Workplace Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of modular bench systems for industry, received unanimous Planning Board approval for a lot line adjustment for its property at 562 Mammoth Road.

Atty. Jonathan Boutin of Boutin & Altieri told the Planning Board at its Wednesday, March 5 meeting that the business has been operating in Londonderry since 1971.

“Their existing property is about 6.5 acres and they also own a lot that is contiguous with that lot, which is fronted on Page Road,” he said. “What they are proposing is moving the lot line on the back of those two lots down a little over 100 feet, which will include a total square footage of just about an acre and a half.”

He said Workplace Systems is trying to create an opportunity to clean up the two lots it owns. He noted that all of the parcels that touch the parcel to be shifted are owned by Workplace Systems.

“So there are no abutters that are affected by this lot line adjustment,” Boutin said.

He said the services, well and septic system as well as a barn are all on the separate lot but support the industrial lot, and the adjustment would bring them all on the same lot.

“The reason for the exact placement of the lot line adjustment is so that the commercial lot on Page Road remains a viable commercial lot because it is well over the acreage requirement and well over the frontage requirement,” Boutin said.

He said they are also seeking a separate zoning amendment because of a provision in section 2.1.3 in Londonderry’s town ordinance that says, “if a zoning district boundary runs through any lot and the lot is not of sufficient size and configuration to conforming lots in each district, the lot cannot be subdivided and the entire lot is deemed to be in the more restricted district.”

Boutin said that meant that if the lot line is moved without getting the zoning amendment, the parcel will be re-zoned to a Commercial-II parcel.

“That would be a pretty significant change in zoning for an existing zone,” Boutin said.

Board member Leitha Reilly asked if there was precedent on moving lot lines and if it was regularly done.

Chairman Art Rugg said there was nothing unusual about changing lot lines and Town Planner Cynthia May agreed that it was common.

The conditional approval to move the lot line was granted unanimously and the staff recommendation to recommend the zoning change to the Town Council was also approved unanimously.

In other business, Town Planner Cynthia May apologized to the board for giving the wrong dates of a Fish and Game extension request at the last meeting, and recommended the board rescind its vote of an extension request made Feb. 12, and that a new date of March 6, 2015 be accepted.

The Board voted unanimously to rescind its previous vote and to accept the new extension date.