Planning Board Hear Plan For Auto Auction Expansion

By Alex Malm

A Conceptual review and non-binding discussion of a proposed building addition, garage bays, and two parking lot expansion areas for the property located at 1 Action Boulevard was in discussion at the May 3 Planning Board meeting.
It was explained by Matthew Routhier from TF Moran, who was representing the applicant, that it was recommended they go in front of the Planning Board for a conceptual review.
“We feel it’s beneficial as well,” Routhier said.
He said the majority of the proposal is a “last effort” of maximizing what is needed for the business currently.
Routhier said one of the things they are looking at is building expansions, saying they are looking to expand the main building that is there now by about 7,560 square feet. He added that they are also looking to expand the storage capacity including for vehicles.
In the center of the site, Routhier said they are looking to pave an area that is currently grass to create more fenced in secure storage and they would also be looking to expand the storage lot to the south of the property.
Routhier stated that they have done calculations for parking to make sure they meet and comply with the regulations, which they would. He said with all the uses including the bank, office/strip mall, and the auto auction building they would exceed the requirements.
It was explained by Routhier that the auto auction business typically employs people on Thursday to help with the auctions. He said they currently park partially on the site and the rest at the park and ride.
“That has been occurring for quite some time with no issues from the park and ride folks,” Routhier said.
Director of Engineering and Environmental Services, John Trottier, said they provided some technical requirements for parking space sizes and other issues, which they hope to be addressed now rather than in the future. He also noted that the applicant was looking to have underground drainage.
Assistant Town Manager, Kellie Caron, said they would need to go through the site plan amendment process.
“This will require a site plan amendment,” Caron said.
Caron stated that they had good conversations with the applicant initially.
“Overall we’ve had good preliminary discussions with the applicant,” Caron said.
One question asked during the meeting was if there would be impacts on the wetlands. Trottier said any of the work that they are proposing is beyond the 50 foot buffer.
Planning Board member, Lynn Wiles, said that if planning board staff is comfortable with the stormwater underground storage then he is.
Planning Board Secretary, Jake Butler, said he thought the project made sense.
Planning Board Chair, Art Rugg, said he thought it was a straightforward proposal so far.
“It looks quite straightforward to me,” said Rugg.
Rugg suggested they continue to work with planning department staff on the details and said he thinks it’s a good sign they are expanding.
“Work with staff, any abutters, make sure they know what’s going on,” Rugg said.

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