Planning Board Hears Woodmont Infrastructure, Traffic Overview

Representatives of the Woodmont Commons development team Jim D’Angelo of TEC and Tom Goodwin of Shook Kelley presented the planning board with an overview of infrastructure plans for the future Woodmont Commons Planned Use Development (PUD). Woodmont will encompass more than 600 acres.

The development team has been giving monthly updates on various aspects of the process of development for several months, and this month’s overview featured the proposed development’s infrastructure and traffic.

D’Angelo said his firm had been working on the infrastructure and traffic submissions. “What we want to do tonight is give you a status report on the items we’ve submitted for infrastructure, waste water, storm water management, electrical utilities, natural gas supply and distribution and communication distribution,” D’Angelo said.

He explained that in talks with staff, some issues need exploration in order to complete the submission so that a final presentation can be made. D’Angelo said Pennichuck Water would be supplying the water to the development, and produced a graphic that showed where the boosting
stations and connection points would be. “We will be updating the memo so that it will be
complete and acceptable to the town and peer review consultant before we come back to you,” D’Angelo said.

He said the plan was to use best practices for drainage and to use vegetated swales to bring the collected drainage for treatment in those swales. He said water would not be released over the property line at any greater rate than what is released now.

D’Angelo said the biggest issue is dealing with Beaver Brook and the salt issue. “Although this is a private development, we need to work cooperatively with the town so that we accommodate the
intent of the saltation mitigation that has been planned not only for I-93 but also for the townroads, and we want to make sure that we’re doing it in a complementary fashion to assist the
town in bringing Beaver

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