Planning Board Oks Bank at Woodmont Commons

By Kaitlin Bedell

The Planning Board passed a conditional approval of a site plan for a new addition to the Woodmont Commons during their Wednesday, July 7, meeting.
The site plan was for a new one story bank on the corner of Michael’s Way and Garden Lane in the Market Basket plaza in town. This property will be placed on approximately one acre of land.
This area currently resides as a parking lot but will be transformed into an Enterprise Bank with a drive through for both ATM and face to face window service.
A representative for Enterprise bank came before the board to present the site plan.
The site plan follows all of the Planning and Urban Development (PUD), with the exception of one modification that the applicants came to request from the board.
Under the PUD, there is a requirement that the building must meet a 30 percent transparency for window layout within the design. Since the site plan is for a bank, the applicants said they did not think this rule makes sense for their building.
Town Planner Colleen Mailloux also said that she did not think this requirement was necessary.
“I would echo what Jeff said, I think attempting to hit a 30% transparency just for the sake of hitting that number wouldn’t fit the character of the building,” Mailloux said.
Member Ann Chiampa, Member Jeff Penta, and Secretary Al Sypek all also said that they agreed that the transparency rule would not be necessary for because of the intent and design of the structure.
The board also discussed concerns they had regarding the confusion there could be for visitors leaving the bank.
Due to the layout of the Woodmont area, board members said they thought it might be difficult for cars to find their way out of the lot to get back to the nearing Route 102.
Chiampa recommended that the bank includes signs that guide customers back to the main road. The board also said that they liked the design of the building altogether.
“As a Planning Board Member, the design of this building is one of the nicest designs we’ve seen come through in a long time,” Chiampa said. “I congratulate you for that.”
Another board member said that he thinks the building will be a “big improvement” from what is currently placed in that area.
Sypek motioned to approve the PUD modification request in terms of window transparency so that the bank would not have to reach 30 percent. The motion was seconded by Member Jeff Penta and the Board voted affirmative.
The Board also voted for a conditional approval of a site plan, which was motioned by Sypek and seconded by Member Jake Butler. The rest of the Board also carried the motion unanimously.
The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled to take place on July 14 at 7:00 pm.
Those who wish to attend the next meeting can do so in person at the Moose Hill Conference Room or they can attend virtually by clicking the link listed on the town’s website.

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