Planning Board Recommends Zone Change for Mammoth Road Parcel

The Planning Board agreed unanimously to recommend the Town Council re-zone from Commercial-I to Commercial-II a 1.5-acre parcel at 484 Mammoth Road.

The intent of the rezoning is to consolidate the parcel with two abutting lots zoned C-II to create a single 5.7-acre parcel of commercial land for the development of a self-storage facility, according to Steven Keach of Keach-Nordstrom Associates Inc., an engineering services company in Bedford.

Conceptual plans for the storage facility, which the board considered at its Sept. 10 meeting, feature four free-standing, single-story, self-storage buildings.

The total space those buildings would occupy is approximately 58,900 square feet.

A conservation overlay easement on the property would remain undisturbed.

Each building would feature unheated and climate controlled storage units, with nothing to be stored outside the storage units on the property. The units would not be used to store cars, boats, trailers or campers.

An approximately 750-square-foot space in one of the storage buildings would be reserved for an office with a bathroom.

Patrons would have gate access to the facility between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

When asked if they had spoken to any of the property’s abutters, Keach and RCA Development owner Gordon Welch, who plans to purchase the lots and develop the self-storage facility, said he stopped at abutters’ homes on several occasions, but ultimately was only able to contact Michelle Carusone of 487 Mammoth Road. Welch told the board Carusone said she was fine with the development.

Town Planner Cynthia May said Town staff recommends rezoning the parcel as it’s consistent with the intent of zoning in that area and would allow the development of three lots intended for commercial use.

“Rezoning the lot as requested would also create a more regularly shaped zoning district,” she said.

Member Lynn Wiles expressed some concern with rezoning the parcel, which he said he views as a transitional property between Commercial and Residential.

Additionally, Wiles said although he does think the storage facility is an appropriate development on the property, he’s concerned with some of the permitted used for Commercial-II, with auto repair being one of the heaviest.

“I consider that area a buffer for the residential area next door as well,” member Ann Chiampa said. “But the use of the property as proposed is transitional itself.”

Keach said they hope to advance the merger of the lots by Jan. 1, but consolidation would not occur unless plans for the storage facility are approved and Welch purchases the three properties from JJJM Enterprises.

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